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Officially starting from the end of 2019, One Eye Closed is a 4 piece mixture band consisting of REI (vo), None (gtr), Yasu (ba), Kay (dr).
Influenced by a wide range of genres, One Eye Closed combines Western and Japanese elements and mixes genres, such as rock, RnB, hip hop, and jazz, to create a fresh, new style of music.

Driven by storytelling, honest lyrics, dynamic playing, and strong live performances, One Eye Closed is one of the driving forces in the underground J-rock scene from Tokyo with releases EP “Cain” and “Abel” focusing themes on mental illness, anxiety, loss, and hopelessness.

One Eye Closed is continuously evolving their sound and are working to release more material in the future. The band has also provided their song “Low” for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC video game “No Straight Roads” by Malaysian video game company Metronomik. From November 2020, One Eye Closed officially joined London-based international record label JPU Records’ artist roster.


2019年末から正式に活動開始したOne Eye Closedは、REI(vo)、none(gtr)、Yasu(ba)、Kay(dr)からなる4人組のバンドです。

幅広いジャンルの影響を受けたOne Eye Closedは、西洋と日本の要素を組み合わせ、ロック、RnB、ヒップホップ、ジャズなどのジャンルを混ぜあわせた新しいスタイルの音楽を生み出しています。


2020年には、「FFXV」の元リードゲームデザイナー・Wan Hazmer氏らが立ち上げたマレーシアのゲーム会社METRONOMIKによって開発されたゲーム「No Straight Roads」(PS4、Nintendo Switch、Xbox Oneでプレイ可能)に楽曲「Low」を提供、
同年11月には、ロンドンを拠点とする国際的なレコードレーベルJPU Recordsと契約しました。